5 Simple Truths

We like to share our clients problems, successes and risks as partners – not the typical agency relationship

Our 5 Simple Truths method helps us establish a thorough and shared understanding of businesses and brands and the markets in which they operate.

It identifies the key issues and suggests solutions. Using this method helps us outwit the competitors our partners can’t outspend.


How a business works: its structure, culture and objectives

Origins, history and heritage; values and equity; strategies and tactics

The business’ relation to society, its competitors and routes to market

Who they are or who you’d like them to be; beliefs, attitudes and behaviours

The factors that are currently holding the business back

A FIVE SIMPLE TRUTHS™ workshop involves a range of stakeholders and disciplines. Depending on focus,  FKC could involve strategy, creative, digital or social media specialists.

To be truly effective, the workshop has to be a completely frank discussion. It is also vital that all participants feel confident to share honestly and openly, even when challenged on topics that might usually be discussed only in the business. We suggest that a non-disclosure agreement is signed before the session so that all should have  confidence that what’s raised in the room stays in the room.

Achieving alignment is critical.

Too often, members of the
same team have entirely different visions,
game plans and objectives.

After a FIVE SIMPLE TRUTHS™ workshop,
even if there’s disagreement, we should
know why and how to move beyond it
to achieve consensus.


A reality check
A platform for perspectives and objectives
Alignment and agreement
Collective investment in fresh thinking
A shared agenda for moving forward
Consensus, direction and a common vision


Profit driving,
award winning,
business changing
marketing programmes.