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Achieving more with less: Why TV can be the most valuable marketing investment you can make this year.

Despite the growing number of ways of engaging with your customer, TV is still the hardest working advertising medium available to us. Measured across the most important key metrics. And, interestingly, it’s becoming more effective. Profit and ROI: Thinkbox produce Payback, an independent econometric study which looks at the commercial effects of TV on brands, […]


Challenged Marketing Team? When size doesn’t matter

There are many challenges in today’s Marketing Departments; reducing budgets, knowledge gaps, (non) specific experience and workload expectations being just a few. But, size shouldn’t be one of them. In fact, a small team that truly understands the business; its objectives and internal procedures could give you biggest and best results. There’s much talk about […]

How to navigate uncharted waters without running aground

Company boards don’t always understand the difference between strategic marketing and operational marketing. And, it can be hard to help your board to see the merit of investing in the strategic side of your marketing program, rather than just the operational side. We have used a simple metaphor designed to help outline the value: Think […]


The Importance of Being Honest

Like most things in life – the more effort and attention to detail you put into something the more rewarding the outcome. Every Olympian knows it and anyone who’s met the love of their life using a dating site knows it too. The more open, honest and detailed you are, the more likely you are […]