Channeling the company’s ethos

MyFerryLink posted their best sales year ever in 2015 and moved ahead of their competitor DFDS on the Dover to Calais route.


The company is owned and run by the crew, therefore MyFerryLink staff and crew have a vested interest in working harder for their customers.

This is a unique service differentiator that needed to be communicated to potential customers.


Focus on this differentiator to create MyFerryLink’s ‘You’ll Love my Company’ campaign. Initial consumer research focused on on positioning, strategy, brand character, brand engagement and messaging.

Creating all onboard marketing materials, posters, signage, etc and developed the customer facing proposition right through to how their onboard retail and catering offerings were interacting with the customer.

We also developed partner communications opportunities with regional tourist boards.

“FKC really impressed me with both the quality of their thinking and their creative execution. They produced great advertising for us.”

Andrew Kelly, MyFerryLink

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