Our launch helps keep to get things moving

Winner, The Nicholas Hall Awards: INSIGHT European Creative Award

Winner, The Nicholas Hall Awards: New Product of the Year Award (Europe)

Rates of sale surpassed the key retail partner’s expectations and significantly exceeded category performance benchmarks.


Raise awareness and establish credibility.

Salonpas® is market leader in back pain relief in Japan and has a well-known presence in other South-East Asian markets and the USA.   The product is entirely unknown in the UK.


Our research with back pain sufferers unearthed a valuable Consumer Truth: “it can make you afraid to move, making you feel trapped inside your body.”  We progressed this insight creatively, using the concept of modern street artist statues as a vehicle to demonstrate Salonpas®’ ability to free back pain sufferers from the feeling of being trapped.

The TV commercial had an immediate and dramatic impact on the launch of a hitherto unknown brand.

“We appointed FKC following a pitch and consumer research into their recommended advertising and communication platform. FKC delivered a highly successful launch for the Salonpas brand in the UK.” 

Hiroyuki Takada, Hisamitsu UK

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