Getting thousands of Brits talking about Thailand

The Thailand Reunited community is now over 60,000 strong and growing at an average of 1,000 new signups per month and has an audience reach amongst friends of fans of 6.7million.


Help to alleviate any barriers to travel with genuine stories and relevant, informed content to encourage those yet to visit to find out more about Thailand as a destination.

Consumer Truths told us that those who have visited Thailand want to share and compare their experiences with other visitors to this unique destination.


Create ‘Thailand Reunited’ social media campaign to re-connect people who have visited the destination in the past, inviting them to share their stories and experiences on Facebook to encourage more first time visitors to Thailand.

Promote niche markets including Families, Weddings & Honeymoons, Golf, Alternative/Green/Eco & Photography and encourage new signups with relevant media and brand partners to drive interest amongst niche audiences. 

“FKC’s insightful and innovative campaign draws attention to the strengths of Thailand as a uniquely special destination and to the many and varied exciting visitor experiences. It promotes the kind of message that is impacting on the quality of tourists visiting Thailand with an increase in visitors enjoying more experiential holidays, staying longer and becoming a repeat visitor. Thailand Reunited has also served as a fantastic tool for us to be able to engage with a more female focused audience”

Joanna Cooke, Tourist Authority of Thailand

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