We delivered good news for Tunisia

Our campaign resonated strongly with this audience, showing dune-buggy excursions in the Sahara and sumptuous spa experiences.  UK visitor numbers to Tunisia reached an all-time high at 360,000 and post-revolution the ‘Adventure Seekers’ have been quick to return.


Previous marketing for Tunisia had targeted the low value sun, sea and sand brigade, but our process highlighted a crucial Consumer Truth – this audience were not prepared for the gritty authenticity that Tunisia offers with its bustling markets and exotic ‘foreign food’.


We identified a new audience segment; the ‘Independent Adventure Seekers’ to be the group with the greatest propensity to embrace Tunisia as a destination.

“We all know tourism in Tunisia took a hit following the Jasmine Revolution, but British visitors have been quick to return and the UK is now our third most important market”.

Wahida Jaiet, Tunisian National Tourist Office, UK and Ireland

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