Good Hair Day

Total campaign impressions: 15,028,556.

Total campaign views: 3,583,790.

Average dwell time: 1.1 minutes.


80’s megabrand Wash & Go needed to create awareness after a long period of marketing underinvestment. Mainstream media (used by its competitors) could not be part of the mix to relaunch the brand as they were unaffordable. With a very limited budget, the aim was to revive interest through a complex, but highly creative and innovative approach.


The core target was 25-45 men, keen on sport, especially football and constantly on their smartphones/social media… they love banter.

The campaign idea required a sports personality whose equity was linked to hair. Robbie Savage was the perfect fit. Instantly recognisable to football fans, Savage is known for the pride he takes in his hair and a plethora of hairstyles from his time as a football player.

The nature of the campaign meant it had many elements and disciplines, strategy, creative, web, social media content provision and sales promotion. All provided through FKC.

Robbie’s twitter feed netted an impressive 2,122,981 impressions during the first two weeks of the campaign and a further 5,518,173 impressions via content syndication through a network of carefully chosen sports influencers and vloggers.

“Why invest in advertising when a relevant prompt will have people doing the advertising job for them? FKC had to think of ways of being creatively disruptive.”

Jon Connolly, Marketing Director, Ceuta.

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