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Creating engaging campaigns that change customer behaviours, build brands and demonstrate ROI, is challenging in any market sector, but especially so in categories where outcomes of product performance impact on wellbeing and personal appearance.

The challenges that face our Health and Beauty clients can often be intense, – particularly where any claimed efficacy has added scrutiny from specialist regulators and close examination by powerful retailers – not to mention competing against giant multinational brand owners when your own marketing budget is limited.

So, we’re proud of our shared record in gaining industry multi-award recognition for marketing on small budgets. Doing more with less isn’t just the stuff of slogans, with FKC and Health & Beauty, it’s a matter of fact.

Robert Thackery, our Director of Strategy, has extensive experience working with some of the biggest brands in the health and healthcare sector during his career.

Our Managing Director Kim Harris has worked with several beauty brands including recent projects on Touch of Silver and Liquid Blonde.



“The most successful UK campaign we have ever run”

“FKC is an extension of our marketing department, working collaboratively towards the same goal.

The quality they deliver is second to none, born from clear thinking and planning and taking the time to understand our objectives, the brand and the consumer.

No matter what the project or deadline, we have always found FKC to work with integrity, positivity and implicit attention to detail.”

“We appointed FKC following a pitch and consumer research into their recommended advertising and communication platform. FKC delivered a highly successful launch for the Salonpas brand in the UK.”

“FKC with their experience in the health and personal care sectors, created a very positive impact on the success of the Milton Mini.”


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