We are a SMALL BUT MIGHTY team made up of highly experienced senior experts supported by talented young professionals. We like to share our clients problems, successes and risks as partners - not the typical agency relationship.

We establish a thorough and shared understanding of businesses and brands and the markets in which they operate through our 5 SIMPLE TRUTHS method. It identifies the key issues and suggests solutions. Using this method helps us outwit the competitors our partners can't outspend.

Our Team

Stephen Fox Chair & Founder
Gary Jacobs CEO & Founder
Kim Harris Managing Director
Sean Parkin Head of Creative
Steve Adams Non-Exec Director
Robert Thackery Director of Strategy
Jane Stevens Finance & HR
Aidan Morrison Business Director
Barbs Darling Senior Client Director
Hannah Grogan Senior Client Manager
Andrew Jackson Client Manager
Finn Quilter Marketing Executive
Mat Choat Head of Broadcast
Samir Guessous Producer/Director
Elinda Zhu Creative Director
Camille Bakirel Production Assistant
Vicky Lilleycrop Creative Director
Steve Holman Creative Director
Katie Beltrami Designer

We look forward to hearing from you


Just off Farringdon Road/A201.  Nearest tubes are FARRINGDON and CHANCERY LANE.

CALL US :  +44 (0) 20 7691 8090

EMAIL US:   aidanm@fkclondon.co.uk  or  garyj@fkclondon.co.uk 

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