Travel & Tourism

The travel business continues to live in interesting times!

Business failures. Geo-political unrest. The negative carbon impact of travel. Aggregation. Meeting the needs of high expectation whilst addressing an endless demand for better value.

But then, of course, there’s the relentless pursuit of new experiences which drives the business forward and stimulates continuous innovation.

Since the mid-1990s, FKC has been working right across the Travel and Tourism industry and very closely with tourist authorities, tour operators, travel agents, airlines, cruise & ferry operators, visitor attractions and hotels. This has led to a deep and unique knowledge of the many complexities, and the sometimes aggressively competitive nature, of the Travel & Tourism sector.

To be really effective in travel and tourism, it’s not just a question of understanding the requirements of customers and driving numbers. There also has to be a sensitive appreciation of the needs of destinations.

The importance of tourism to people and the local and national economies. How it is most appropriate to raise profile. The effective distribution of tourism throughout the destination. Encouraging tourists to spend money whilst they’re there.

The task of getting on to consideration lists and then elevating a client’s offer to a serious choice is only part of it. Customers also have to be reassured on personal safety. The economic and political climate – as well as the weather. Fluctuating exchange rates. And any possible disruption to travel.

FKC’s rich experience has led to an enviable track record in Travel and Tourism, and the ability to continue to deliver ingenious and innovative solutions to a growing list of new challenges.

Helping Thailand to punch hard consistently against bigger spending competition. Rebuilding Tunisia’s salience after periods of political uncertainty and against a backdrop of continued unrest and upheaval in close geographical neighbours.

Above all else, FKC has developed a reputation for delivering mighty results, often on very much less than mighty budgets.



Chris Lee, Head of Marketing, Tourism Authority of Thailand

“It is a pleasure to work with FKC. They produce very high-quality films to help us promote and London itself to a UK and international audience.

They work very collaboratively and to budget, and are a friendly, enthusiastic and professional team who take great pride in their work. We would recommend them and will undoubtedly work with them again”

“FKC really impressed me with both the quality of their thinking and their creative execution. They produced great advertising for us.”

“We were particularly impressed by FKC’s strategic approach to marketing communications and with the wide range of skills that the agency has to offer.

We have great confidence that our partnership with FKC will help us re-establish the Travelbag brand in the UK to leadership of its market category”

“We have been thrilled with the results of the campaign which has really put The Bahamas on the map for weddings and honeymoons”

“FKC’s insightful and innovative campaign draws attention to the strengths of Thailand as a uniquely special destination and to the many and varied exciting visitor experiences.

It promotes the kind of message that is impacting on the quality of tourists visiting Thailand with an increase in visitors enjoying more experiential holidays, staying longer and becoming a repeat visitor.

Thailand Reunited has also served as a fantastic tool for us to be able to engage with a more female focused audience”

“We all know tourism in Tunisia took a hit following the Jasmine Revolution, but British visitors have been quick to return and the UK is now our third most important market”.


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